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Are you behind on your mortgage
payments or in foreclosure?

Have you tried to refinance
but can’t because of credit issues?

Has your adjustable rate mortgage
made your payments unaffordable?

Can’t sell or refinance your
home because negative equity?

Need help but have no one to turn to?
You Are Not Alone!
One in six U.S. homes is in a negative equity situation.

One in ten U.S. homes is in some stage of delinquency or foreclosure.

Two trillion dollars of adjustable rate mortgages will adjust this year making the problem even worse!
Because of this many lenders are taking unprecedented steps to keep you in your home. Some of the solutions they might take are to fix adjustable rates, lengthen your term, eliminate pre-payment penalties and late fees, defer or eliminate past due balances, in some cases where your home is not worth what you owe they may even reduce the principal balance of your loan.

But they are not giving up easily. Some lenders will not work with you at all, others will send you out a financial package they want you to complete. Provide them with too much or too little information and they can and will use this against you later for their benefit. They may take several weeks or even months to determine an outcome, in the meantime they will continue to proceed against you with foreclosure or other collection actions.

Don’t go this process alone. You wouldn’t go to court without an attorney would you?

Contact me for a free, no-obligation and confidential consultation.
Are You Taking Advantage of
The Obama Housing Stimulus Plan?
Homeowners are still unaware or unmotivated with what the “Making Home Affordable Plan” has to offer. Perhaps the marketing of this mortgage help program did not launch aggressively enough or perhaps homeowners are skeptical. Regardless of the feelings, our federal government has budgeted close to $75 billion in mortgage relief fund to help homeowners save their homes.

According to the Treasury Department, lenders only sent out 19 percent of the approximately 3 million homeowners who are eligible for a loan modification plan. There are 2.5 million eligible homeowners who have not responded. If you are behind on your mortgage payments, close to foreclosure, in foreclosure or getting to not being able to make payments, be educated on your options to save your home.
“Making Home Affordable” Outline DID YOU KNOW...
Loans must be originated on or before January, 2009.

Borrowers must be able to document income and have an affidavit of financial hardship.

Modification can start NOW through December 31, 2012. Your loan can only be modified once.

Unpaid principal balance of up to $729,750 for first lien owner-occupied properties. Please see Home Affordable Guidelines for two, three or four units owner-occupied properties

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