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Suze Orman Recommends
Short Sales
U.S. Government Wants
You To Avoid Foreclosure
CNBC Reports that
Short Sales Are Up

Do you have a hardship?
(Things have happened where you find yourself struggling to make your mortgage payment or can't make it at all.)
Yes       No  
Is your home 'upside down'?
(Your home is worth less than what you may owe on it.)
Yes       No  
Do you have any money that you can draw on to make your payments?
(Do you have any money you can use towards your mortgage payment?)
Yes       No  
Do you want to save your credit from a bankruptcy and/ or foreclosure?
(Bankruptcy and/or foreclosure will damage your credit for 7 - 10 years.)
Yes       No  
Have you missed any mortgage payments?
(Banks may approve a short sale if missed mortgage payments are inevitable.)
Yes       No  
Is your property currently listed for sale with a real estate agent ?
Yes       No  
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Making Home Affordable
HAFA Program
Fannie Mae Foreclosure Prevention
HUD Foreclosure Prevention Counseling
Dept. of Veteran Affairs Home Loans
FHA Government Loans
VA Relocation And Loans

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